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David Moraba

Founder and President of big O Ministries

David Moraba, has devoted his life to the transformative work of the Gospel. With a rich history of service, David has been an instrumental figure in the realm of faith.

David’s journey in ministry began by serving under various ministries within the network of local pastors. His dedication led him to extensive travels, working closely with fellow ministers in outreach programs, evangelism efforts, and memorable tent meetings. These experiences ignited his passion for spreading the message of God’s love and grace.

In addition to his service, David’s involvement in various music and word-translation departments deepened his connection to God’s work. His multifaceted roles allowed him to explore and embrace the beauty of worship and the power of conveying God’s Word in diverse ways.

Today, as the founder and president of big O Ministries, David Moraba continues to share his unwavering love for God’s work with a global audience. His journey is a testament to the transformative power of faith, and he invites you to join him on this remarkable path of spiritual growth and purpose.

Verrer Moraba

Co-founder and President of big O Ministries

Verrer Moraba, a co-founder and president of big O Ministries, brings a profound blend of talents and a heart dedicated to God’s work. Her journey in ministry has been shaped by a deep connection to music and a passionate spirit of worship.

From an early age, Verrer found her calling within the music department of her father’s church. Her innate musical talents and her unwavering devotion to worship set her on a remarkable path. During her youth, she wholeheartedly led a worship group that quickly gained prominence throughout fellowship meetings in the region. Verrer’s passion for worship became her guiding light.

Beyond her musical talents, Verrer Moraba is a versatile individual, embracing various roles in both her personal and professional life. As a dedicated businesswoman, she exemplifies the principle of faith in action. Her entrepreneurial spirit and spiritual leadership qualities have been pivotal in shaping the vision and mission of big O Ministries.

Verrer is not just a worshiper; she is a born-worshiper, driven by a profound connection to God’s presence. Her multifaceted journey as a worshiper, businesswoman, and spiritual leader has been instrumental in creating a ministry that radiates love, hope, and transformation.

Together with her husband, David Moraba, Verrer continues to lead the charge at big O Ministries, inspiring others to embrace faith, discover purpose, and live a life rooted in grace.

David & Verrer

Their partnership brought forth three beloved children: Moroamoraba David-Jr Moraba, Kefiloekemorena Kiyoshi Princess Moraba, and Ramoraba David Moraba II. This dynamic duo’s journey led them from their roots in Turfloop to planting their first church in a shopping mall. Guided by their spiritual vision, they later shifted to Polokwane to share the beauty of God’s love and the transformative power of the cross.

Having witnessed remarkable signs of faith, David and Verrer’s calling to teach about ‘grace’ through ‘faith’ resounded with a profound impact. Their ministry extends through online teachings, outreach programs, and musical albums that continue to spread the good news of Jesus.

Join us on this path of spiritual discovery and transformation as we uncover the practicality of Calvary’s finished work. Embrace faith over fear, as we strive to make darkness and light incompatible. Through our ministry, you’ll experience God’s unconditional love and the fulfillment of every need, one rooted in His boundless grace.

Together, David and Verrer Moraba inspire lives, foster unity, and lead us on a journey beyond imagination.

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